Unusual skin care products growing more popular

September 30, 2013 3:00:52 PM PDT
Women have been known to do a lot of bizarre things in the name of beauty.

Right now, there are some unusual treatments that are growing in popularity.

And these treatments or products all involve creepy crawlies, and that may be enough to scare some folks off. but for others it could mean a version of the fountain of youth.

"I use the snail's extract because it's super moisturizing," said Diana Seo.

Yes, you read correctly. Diana uses snail extract to moisturize the skin. It actually comes from snail slime, and it's turned into a powder, which she mixes along with collagen and Vitamin C: for facials.

"It's great for sensitive skin, for dry, deyhdrated, but most New Yorkers are sensitive to their aging," Seo said.

And a painless machine called "Dep" helps the snail slime mixture penetrate the skin and plump wrinkles.

Diana is Korean, and apparently snail slime is not unusual in Korea.

The version at Diana's B Spa Salon may be preferable. It certainly leaves you glowing.

At New London Pharmacy, unusual skin care beauty expert Jeanette Zinno shows us some unusual products, starting with the Peter Thomas Roth unwrinkle line.

It uses syn-ake, a synthetic version of snake venom.

"Basically, it's made with a kind of snake essence peptide, and it almost freezes wrinkles," said Zinno.

But unlike snake venom, there's no bite or pain involved. And then there's the Taut line of products.

"Taut Premium Collagen is a nutri-cosmetic which is a nutrition supplement, so think of food for your skin," Zinno said.

Literally because this product you drink, and the active ingredient she says is collagen made from red snapper.

"You'd think it tastes like fish, but it's flavored with orange juice, so it's like taking a shot of OJ every night before bed,"said Zinno.

And firmer skin may result in two to four weeks.

"It's systemic so it works throughout your body," she said.

So whether you're ingesting the product or slathering it on, remember the creatures that go into making you look good.

"Women go really far to find the best, newest ingredients in beauty, so why not try it," said Zinno.

And there is cost: products we featured range from 45 dollars and up. and the snail extract facial is 348 dollars.

Snail extract facial: http://bspasalon.com/

Snapper collagen and syn ake venom products: http://www.newlondonpharmacy.com/