Tenafly School District warns of 'Passout Game'


"The pass out game" has been around for years but it's new to the Tenafly School District.

And according to school officials some middle school students are playing the dangerous game.

Parents have been urged to talk to their children.

"Parents have to do their part of course, but the school needs to educate kids on dangerous activities, what's right and what's wrong," said Cyeed Miraza, a parent.

The game involves teens depriving themselves of oxygen by hyperventilating, causing them to lose consciousness and collapse.

When they're revived, they experience a feeling of euphoria.

"It's playing a game of roulette really with your brain cells," Dr. Wesley Thek said.

Dr. Wesley Thek says the high is short but it can lead to long lasting severe neurological problems.

"You can have serious neurological disabilities and defects ranging from memory loss to even death," Dr. Thek said.

A 17-year-old Minnesota teen died from playing the game.

And in California, a 15-year-old died after he played the game and collapsed onto a drinking glass, puncturing a main artery in his neck and bleeding to death.

Tenafly school officials want parents to heavily monitor what their kids are doing online because there are countless videos showing teens playing the game instigating the issue.

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