Chicago interactive exhibit connects mobility and transit to social issues on the West Side

CHICAGO -- On Chicago's West Side community of North Lawndale sits a retrofitted freight container that hosts an exhibition called Moving Freely. It takes a look into the correlation between mobility/transit and social issues on the West Side of Chicago.

"We talk about mobility in this exhibit, but we talk about it in a holistic way. We talk about physical movement, yes. We talk about transportation and all the facets that come with transportation, like safety infrastructure, like public transportation, policing, and our abilities to move," said Mechiya Jamison, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibit is in partnership with the Lawndale Pop-Up Spot and Equiticity. The exhibit is located on the property of the historic Stone Temple Baptist Church. Pastor Reshorna Fitzpatrick said it's a great way to engage the community in important conversations.

"This exhibit will help people come and get their minds refocused on where you've been to where you are going and what's happening right now. So this is an amazing exhibit," said Fitzpatrick.

The exhibit includes interactive activities such as a bicycle that powers a record player. There bike is a symbol for freedom, movement and mobility justice. It also looks into environmental justice and unemployment, with water being a theme throughout the exhibit.

The exhibit is open from 1-4 p.m. Mondays, Thursday and Saturdays at 3622 W. Douglas Blvd. The exhibit will run until June 15th.