New Jersey artist is spreading positive visual messages through his art

NEW BRUNSWICK, New Jersey -- Luis-Miguel Caraballo, a local New Jersey-based artist, is spreading positive visual messages through his art, this time creating a 30x50 feet chalk-art mural inspired by African Diaspora.

"My art is an inspiration of the times. I'm a big believer that artists should reflect the times that they are living through and the things that I paint and incorporate into my work are the reflection of things that I've gone through," said Caraballo.

As an Afro-Latino of Puerto Rican descent, Caraballo is proud to highlight his vibrant culture while expressing the importance of social justice and equality.

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"Putting a piece like this of this size and magnitude is just a fantastic way to keep that conversation going and have an impact. I want people to stop to look at this piece and have them think about what's going on and ask questions," said Caraballo.

Caraballo will continue to spread his positive message in upcoming projects and hopes to inspire everyone to work towards change in unison and peace.


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