Father-to-be faints, gets staples in his head ahead of daughter's birth

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Father arrives just in time for daughter's birth after fainting
Luke Epplin shared how he passed out, hit his head, and sprinted through a New York hospital so he could make it in time to see his daughter arrive.

QUEENS (WABC) -- Author Luke Epplin was in a New York hospital as his wife was about to deliver their first born, when he had somewhat of an emergency himself.

Even with nine months to get ready before the big day, Epplin wound up leaving the delivery room to get staples in his head.

In a string of posts on "X", Epplin shared how he passed out, hit his head, and got a CAT scan.

He believes he fainted because his wife went into labor while he was sleeping and he doesn't remember much after he was jerked awake.

"When I woke up, I was on the floor, blood oozing from the back of my head. I'd hit my head on the edge of a metal table as I fell and cut a gash in it....They called the EMTs, had a stretcher come up, and whisked me to the emergency room," Epplin wrote.

He says he had no form of identification and cell phone on him when he was taken to the emergency room. He was even in his pajamas.

Once he was feeling better and all bandaged up, he was forced to sprint through a New York hospital to make it back to his wife's delivery room.

"I flagged down a nurse and said rather frantically, 'My wife is in labor! I need to find her!' She took one look at me and said, 'I think you need to see security.' I said I didn't have time, but she escorted me out and firmly, but politely, dropped me off with a guard," Epplin continued.

Epplin says the whole experience felt like something out of a romantic comedy. He ran through the hospital that he says "spanned many city blocks" in order to not miss the birth.

Epplin was able to see his daughter arrive, with six new staples in his wrapped-up head.