Pregnant woman's shirt spreads message of hope

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Thursday, September 15, 2016
Pregnant woman's shirt spreads message of hope
She wore a top with a heart that read, "You're looking at a rainbow."

JACKSONVILLE, Texas -- Autumn Safley knows some seasons weren't meant to last forever.

"We lost two babies back to back actually. One just before Thanksgiving and one right after the New Year," Safley said.

She also knows that after life's storms always comes a rainbow.

These bittersweet circumstances are so common that there's even a name for it; "rainbow babies" are children born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.

"I think I actually bought that shirt after my first miscarriage and lost that baby and never was even showing yet so I didn't wear the shirt," Safley said.

KARK reports that Safley's now expecting a healthy baby boy, and for the first time Saturday, she wore a top with a heart that read, "You're looking at a rainbow."

What she didn't know was how far the message on her T-shirt would be shared.

"When I saw her and she said, '(We've tried) to conceive since last year when we lost our baby, that just really means a lot to me,' I feel like that's God showing me this, and that everything is going to be okay," Safley said.

Courtney Mixon snapped the picture of Safley in the shirt and posted it to Facebook, which now has nearly 30,000 shares.

"A few hours later, I looked down on my phone and there's all these notifications, and I'm like, what is going on?" Safley said.

This mom-to-be now says her miscarriages have become her message, and one she can safely say happened at the right place in time.

"It's just God's way of showing His glory, honestly He's just like, hey, this is something beautiful and something that people need to hear, a story of hope and perseverance," Safley said.