Teen girl faces charges for throwing baby carrot at teacher

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

VIRGINIA (WABC) -- A teenager is facing juvenile assault and battery charges for allegedly throwing a weapon at a teacher.

That weapon was a baby carrot.

14-year-old Aliya Nigro has been suspended for a month from her middle school in Virginia.

She says she threw the carrot at a teacher in the hallway as a joke, but hit her in the forehead.

School officials didn't find it funny.

Now, Aliya's mother is having a hard time digesting the charges.

"I don't understand the whole thing. She was playing. Yes, it happened, but if they had called and said that she got a couple days of in school or even a day or two out of school, but this has gone beyond that, we got court, she's charged," said Karrie May, Aliya's mother.

It's up to a judge to decide what kind of punishment Aliya will get.