Cheesesteak Madness Tournament: This is the best cheesesteak in the region

PHILADELPHIA -- After four weeks, 16 cheesesteak spots, and more meat and cheese than you can imagine, we have a winner for the best cheesesteak of the region, as awarded by expert Jim Pappas.

Cleavers, Tony Joe's House of Great Eats, Donkey's Place and Phil and Jim's faced off for the ultimate title.

As a reminder, Jim has eaten more than 800 cheesesteaks on his journey to the perfect cheesesteak, and has enlisted the services of three other cheesesteak experts: Mark Twersky (Corporate Chef), Amigo Dan Matassino (Eaten over 100 different cheesesteaks), and Diane Farina (Event Coordinator) for this exercise.

Who came out victorious? Watch the video above and vote for your favorite below.