Young girl makes birthday boxes for those in need

WHEELING, Ill. -- A 6-year-old from Wheeling, Illinois is making birthday boxes for people in need in light of her 7th birthday!

Maya Schaab said she came up with the idea to create and donate birthday boxes when she thought of the amount of people who will not be able to celebrate their birthdays with cake because of the pandemic. Schaab will be celebrating her 7th birthday on June 26.

"I feel like COVID has been very hard on a lot of people and lots of people have lost their jobs and they haven't celebrated their birthday in a long time," said Schaab.

The items in the boxes include cake mix, evaporated milk, frosting, sprinkles, a birthday card and gift cards.

It was all made possible with the help of community donations and collaborations with local businesses.

Schaab delivered seven boxes to the Wheeling Township Food Pantry last weekend.

Her mother, Olivia Schaab, said they are planning on delivering seven boxes in July and another seven in August.

"If someone is nice then it'll spread around the whole world and then the world will be filled with kindness and it'll be great," the young girl said.

If you'd like to help, the Schaabs created a GoFundMe page to help create more birthday boxes.