Blind athletes swing big on this 'Beep Baseball' team

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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Blind athletes swing big on this 'Beep Baseball' team
Blind athletes get a chance to swing big on Philadelphia's "Beep Baseball" team!

PHILADELPHIA -- "It's hard as an individual who used to see, accepting that you're now blind and trying these adaptive sports," said John Margist. "But it's been the best thing I've ever done in my entire life."

Margist has been a member of the Philadelphia Fire Beep Baseball Team for about 10 years.

The team is part of the National Beep Baseball Association.

As the name describes, the sport incorporates a beeping baseball to help fielders find the ball.

Batters are aided with audio cues by a pitcher who plays on the same team.

After getting a hit, the batter must run to one of two buzzing bases before their ball is fielded.

It's a race that results in an out or a run.

Localish caught up with the Fire at team practice in South Philadelphia as they were prepping for the spring and summer season.

To hear stories from players in their own words, watch the video above.

To learn more about Philadelphia Fire and how to get involved, visit their Facebook page.

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