Board of Elections in NYC prepares for huge voter turnout on Election Day

Friday, November 4, 2016
Board of Elections prepare for big voter turnout on Election Day
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Eyewitness News reporter Tim Fleischer has the story.

BROOKLYN (WABC) -- The Board of Elections in New York City is under a lot of pressure to have everything ready by Election Day as voter turnout is expected to be big.

In the last couple of days, many voters have been showing up at Board of Elections offices across the city, to make sure their absentee ballots are counted.

"You vote for the candidate one time because the candidate's name will appear multiple times," an election worker explained.

At the Brooklyn office, they make sure you are registered to vote and they can print out the ballot for your district.

"The process takes about 15 or 20 minutes. So it's not as onerous as it looks," said Michael Ryan, BOE Executive Director.

Because this a presidential year and numerous down ballot races at stake, the turnouts are expected to be large.

"We prepare for 100% turnout which would be 4.4-million voters," Ryan said.

Although past turnout has been around 2.2 to 2.4-million voters.

Earlier before the primaries, the Board of Elections scrambled to correct thousands of names that were removed from the rolls.

Now if there is a question about your voter registration, Ryan tells voters, "If there is an issue at all at the poll site, vote your affidavit ballot and we will make every effort within the bounds of the law to have that vote counted on election day."

"People just need to go out and vote. Make sure they study the issues and make sure they are ready to go and make an informed decision," one person said.

Another consideration for voters is when you vote. Two peak times are from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from around 6 p.m. to a bit past 8 p.m.

"If anybody has any flexibility in their schedule and they can avoid going to the polls at those specific hours they will have much less of a wait time," Ryan said.

"It's democracy at work!" a voter said.

So exercise your right to vote and make sure it is counted.