Video shows teen girl beaten and robbed in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Teen hanging out in Brooklyn bridge park attacked
AJ Ross has the latest

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A shocking video shows a group of teenagers viciously beating another girl just to rob her of her cell phone.

The victim was ambushed, assaulted, and robbed while she was simply enjoying her spring break at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The victim's mother was horrified when she saw the video.

"To see these girls soccer kicking my daughter in the face like she was an animal on the floor, I don't wish no parent to see that," said Genae Simpson, the victim's mother.

Random, senseless, and gut wrenching is how Simpson describes this brutal beat down captured on cell phone video at Brooklyn Bridge Park Tuesday afternoon.

"You see these videos, but until you actually see it's your daughter down there, it's just a horrible feeling," Simpson said. "I'm so angry, I'm so hurt."

She says her 15-year-old daughter was with two younger girls at the skating rink enjoying spring break, when a group of teens randomly targeted her unleashing a fury of punches and kicks.

Another video captured a Good Samaritan trying to intervene, but the group turned on them too.

"I count at least eight girls on top of my daughter while other people stood around and videotaped instead of helping," Simpson said.

Simpson says her daughter suffered a fractured nose, busted lip, and several scraps and bruisers, not to mention doctors are concerned she may have a concussion.

She's since filed a report with police who are searching for the teens in the video.

"They think it's funny, they think that committing these kind of crimes is really funny, and it's not," said Tony Herbert, Community Activist. "You're hurting people's lives, you're damaging families."

"I'm asking anybody that has a heart that was out here yesterday that saw what happened, that has a video any extra video," Simpson said. "If you could please contact the police or anything that you can do to help me to catch these young ladies I would really appreciate it."