Breast cancer patients stand up to cancer with Fearless Girl

ByHeather Harkins and Johanna Trupp WABC logo
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Fearless Girl statue symbolizes strength for women with cancer | Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast cancer patients stand up to cancer with Fearless Girl

BAY SHORE, Long Island (WABC) -- Dr. Bradley Cohen is a very well-known breast cancer surgeon. He's in awe of all his patient's bravery and perseverance when fighting breast cancer.

Dr. Cohen explained that only 75% of women go under an appropriate routine breast screening. That number was simply not good enough.

Cohen was faced with the question, "How do you motivate people to undergo the appropriate screening if they just don't want to?"

He came across the statue of Fearless Girl down on Wall Street and was taken with her image of strength. Dr. Cohen said, "In my perspective, in my eyes she was a breast cancer patient standing up to her breast cancer bull."

She was doing exactly what his patients do every day.

Dr. Cohen liked idea so much, he started suggesting that his patients take pictures of themselves either next to the statue of Fearless Girl, or simply just posing as her.

He came up with a slogan "Find It. Defy It. Defeat It."

Dr. Cohen wants to gather the pictures he has collected from all of his patients to create a mural. He hopes his campaign inspires women suffering from breast cancer, and motivates women to undergo the appropriate screening.

Early detection is key in the fight against cancer.