Family asks Santa for son to be cancer-free

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

FRESNO, California -- A young family from California has an emotional letter for Santa this year.

It reads "We hope to be cancer free. To get more cars, trucks and baseball stuff. Hope to see you soon at UCSF hospital. Hope you can bring me my baby sister healthy."

One-year-old Giovanni Augustine Bejar, of Fresno, is going through chemotherapy to treat a cancerous stage 4 brain tumor. His parents, Gabriel Bejar and Haley Padilla, are taking it one hour and one day at a time, as they also prepare for the birth of their second child.

"We found out we were pregnant before Gio was diagnosed," said Padilla. "Doctors have been very concerned and have been taking much care of me also, making sure I am eating and drinking plus getting enough sleep."

The good news is that right now, Giovanni is doing great. They say he's laughing, running, and being a normal kid. He recently finished treatment with Valley Children's where they completely removed the tumor. Now, he'll be going to UCSF for a higher level of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant.

"Our strength comes from seeing Giovanni happy every day and by taking one hour and one day at a time. As of now, Giovanni is a regular 1 year and 8 months. Fighting cancers Butt."