Renovations take center stage in historic Castro Theatre upon 100th anniversary

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Friday, June 24, 2022
Renovations are announced for this 100-year-old LGBTQ+ landmark
An inside look at the new preservation efforts happening in San Francisco's Castro Theatre.

SAN FRANCISCO -- For 100 years, the Castro Theatre has been the heart and soul of the LGBTQIA+ community. Now, new preservation and adaptation efforts will ensure that the landmark continues its legacy for 100 more.

"When anyone around the world thinks of the Castro, the image that they have instantly is of that marquee, the neon sign, that marquee that says Castro," said David Perry, spokesman for Another Planet Entertainment and The Castro Theatre.

Perry adds, "You don't come to The Castro Theatre, you become the Castro Theatre."

The participatory nature of the space encourages audiences to dance, sing, and enjoy a variety of entertainment events ranging from film screenings to live performances.

Throughout the pandemic, the Castro Theatre remained dark; however, upgrades to the customer and artist experience aim to reignite and reinvigorate the lively programming.

"Change is always hard to accept, but all of the improvements that we're talking about are increased ADA access, increased ventilation, upgraded electrical," explained production director for Another Planet Entertainment, Mary Conde. "We want The Castro Theatre to be the best it's ever been."

Another Planet Entertainment (APE) is partnering with Bay Properties, Inc., owners of the Castro Theatre to make this a reality.

"Another Planet which has a reputation for not only being an LGBTQ ally for decades here in the Bay Area, but is committed to the preservation of this historic landmark," said Perry. "This theatre will once again architecturally pop, the sight lines will be better, the lighting will be better."

Perry added, "I understand when people say, 'Is the Castro going to be like I remember it?' It's going to be like you remember it and it's going to be better."

For more information about the renovations happening at The Castro Theatre, visit here.

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