96-year-old Harlem woman gives Mayor de Blasio an earful at town hall meeting

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Friday, August 4, 2017
96-year-old Harlem woman gives Mayor de Blasio an earful at town hall meeting
CeFaan Kim speaks exclusively to the woman about her experience at the Town Hall meeting.

HARLEM (WABC) -- It was the Mayor's town hall meeting at the Police Athletic League in East Harlem, but it was a 96-year-old woman who stole the show.

"I want some service for the people of this city! I want service for everybody! We need service now! Thank you. Sidewalks, I like that. Sidewalks for everybody," said Catherine Nixon, Harlem resident.

96-year-old Nixon gave Mayor de Blasio an earful Wednesday night.

See the confrontation at 2:47:00 in the video

"The sidewalk to go across the street is so bumpy I have to go out in the middle of the street to get across to the other side. So what is going on? We're going to work on, are there no, I got you, are there no, listen, are there no inspectors?" Nixon said.

"You see this walker? I have worn out three or four walkers," Nixon told Eyewitness News exclusively on Thursday night in Harlem.

Nixon wasn't done. Not even close.

"Sidewalks all over the city need fixing!" Nixon said.

She's putting the mayor on notice.

"He came to my church when he was running. And he hasn't been back to say thank you," Nixon said.

This Harlem woman, born and raised, says there are serious issues facing her community.

"If he fixed these sidewalks for you would he have your vote for re-election?" Eyewitness News asked.

"If he takes care of these shelters. These shelters, not the bus shelters. I'm talking about the shelters where the people live. They're paying a whole lot of money for the people to live in a shelter. They could take that money and put them in an apartment! It's terrible how they treat these people. It's terrible," Nixon said.

Nixon says she wasn't angry last night.

This World War I baby, she says she's concerned.

"I was a thorn in the Board of Ed though, I'll tell you that," Nixon said.

At 96 years young, she is still active.