Driver goes the extra mile to disguise Christmas packages. Thankful mom pays it forward.

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Friday, December 23, 2022
$3k raised for delivery driver who is "beyond thoughtful"
Special surprise for FedEx driver who helped keep Christmas gift a secret

WILLIS, Texas -- A FedEx driver received a special delivery of his own.

Michael Sterling, who is a single dad of four, is known for his kindness by neighbors. He recently went the extra mile for Ashton Sedita and her children by disguising a large package that was a Christmas gift.

Sterling said he did not want the kids to see it and have their Christmas ruined.

Sedita was moved by his thoughtfulness. "For an individual who doesn't know us to take the time to do something so kind for others, is honestly inspirational."

She shared the story with her followers on social media. In less than 48 hours they raised $3,000 for Sterling.