Underground subway holiday market saves commuters with last-minute gift shopping

ByEmily Sowa, John Sprei, & Brandon Cook Localish logo
Thursday, December 12, 2019
Underground subway holiday market for commuter's last-minute shopping
The third annual Turnstyle Holiday Market spreads holiday cheer bringing 18 additional seasonal vendors to join the 39 permanent eateries, shops, and kiosks.Underground subway holiday market saves commuters with last-minute gift shopping

NEW YORK CITY -- From early morning coffee to late-night treats, the Turnstyle Underground Market in New York City serves 22 million commuters annually!

"It's a very unique and cool way to get in front of a lot of people," said Amanda Diorbella, Manager of 'NY Makers'. "There are not a lot of holiday markets in the city that are indoors."

It is the first location in New York City to implement an underground market like this. The design of TurnStyle at Columbus Circle uses strong and vibrant colors that make the space look like it's a street market you'd find above the ground.

"You can come to the train station and stop by and do some shopping and you're not going to be cold," said Gabriela Ceballos, Owner of 'Gabriela Caballos Inc'. "It's a different experience."

Located in the Columbus Circle subway station on Eighth Avenue, between 57th and 58th Streets, the Turnstyle at Columbus Circle features 39 shops, kiosks, pop-up stores, and restaurants. The majority of the businesses are independently-owned and serve health-conscious meals that use locally-grown ingredients.

"Things need to be cute, quirky or funny, otherwise we don't make them," said Carmen Martinez, of 'All of the Things'.

The colorful signs at street-level remind pedestrians that they can now shop and eat before boarding the train home from work. The foot traffic never stops for these small businesses.

This year is the third annual Turnstyle 'Holiday Market' edition which opened November 18th through December 31st.

"Markets like this help to foster small businesses and put them in front of a lot of people, so that they can grow," said Diorbella. "Being a small business is really about a heart to the business and a connection you can make with customers."

In addition to Turnstyle's Holiday Market, an art installation by up-and-coming artists studying at nearby Art Students League will be on display. The colorful, eight-foot-high panels depict holiday and seasonal scenes and are a perfect backdrop for shopping, dining, and posing.