Chicago Churro Parlor trying to change up classic dessert

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Monday, January 8, 2024
Chicago Churro Parlor trying to change up classic dessert
Churro Parlor in Chicago makes fresh-to-order churros that are topped with decadent flavors instead of stuffed.

CHICAGO -- A Chicago churro shop is trying to change up the classic dessert.

"Everyone has an opinion, but mine is we have the best churro in the Midwest," Mauricio Parra said.

Parra is the owner of Churro Parlor in Glenview and Chicago.

He got his start in the restaurant business from his parents, who founded Cafe El Tapatio in Chicago back in 1974.

Just a kid then, Parra grew up bussing tables and cleaning dishes in the restaurant, all while learning the ins and outs of running a successful business. He soon took over the restaurant from his parents, and opened a second location in Glenview in 2017.

While looking at the building, a friend reminded Parra of a churro concept he had been fiddling with for a few years.

He wanted people to enjoy a dining experience at Cafe El Tapatio, and then only have to take a few steps over to whisk themselves into a Mexican-inspired storefront selling fresh churros.

That dream became a reality when he visited his sister-in-law in Guadalajara, Mexico to learn how to make authentic churros from her "churro guy."

For a few days he apprenticed under the "churro guy," working sun-up to sun-down making and selling churros.

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Once he returned to the states, he wanted to take the idea of a churro and put his own twist on it. So, instead of stuffing a long churro, he folded it and topped it instead.

His Glenview Churro Parlor was a success, so he opened a Chicago location in 2021.

He sells freshly made churros with all kinds of toppings, from triple berry cream cheese with fruit loops, to dulce de leche with cinnamon toast crumble to a guava compote with granola and so many more.

He even found a way to sell churro ice cream sandwiches! He spares no expense for his delicious churros, using the freshest ingredients, like imported Mexican cane sugar.

Making all his orders fresh, Parra knows you'll be able to tell the difference when you bite into one of his churros.

While Parra is grateful for the success of Churro Parlor, he gives much of his thanks to his son, who helped design the restaurant to resemble a Mexican storefront in Guadalajara, and his wife for managing the day-to-day business.

As his parents' restaurant, Cafe El Tapatio, prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, it's one of the oldest restaurants in the area.

Parra is grateful to the community for supporting them and welcoming a new churro concept to Chicago.

You can order freshly made churros by visiting one of their locations or checking out Churro Parlor from their website at