Concord car salesman kidnapped on test-drive

CONCORD, Calif. -- A Concord car salesman is recovering from the test-drive from hell. It featured a bizarre kidnapping, a daring escape attempt and a wild pursuit.

The salesman says the test-drive went from Concord, to a home in Pittsburg. The salesman escaped there, but it was in Antioch where police caught the suspect

Police say a man wanted to test-drive a Cadillac SRX. Lehmer's dealership made a copy of his driver's license before he left with the car and salesman. Authorities say the suspect stopped by his Pittsburg home so his family could see the car. When they left the house, that's when investigators say the tone changed -- he started driving erratically and announced this was a robbery. When they slowed for traffic, the salesman jumped out of the car and called police. There was a police chase and a crash that ended in Antioch.

Police have not released any information about the suspect. The salesman is said to be shaken up but okay.
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