Harmony Public Schools education engineers use 3D printers to create face shields

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Inside the Innovation Lab making masks with 3D printing
What the education engineers are doing is remarkable, using their Innovation Lab as a workshop to create masks with 3D printing.

HOUSTON, Texas -- The COVID-19 pandemic is changing so much of our daily lives, but heroes are emerging during this difficult time.

Mehmet Gokcek and a team of education engineers at Harmony Public Schools in Houston, Texas, have turned their "Innovation Lab" into a workshop to help healthcare workers.

The team is using 3D printers to create hundreds of medical face shields.

Each shield takes about five hours to make and only costs about $1.50 in materials.

The team then donates the face shields to hospitals around the area.

The Innovation Lab crew hopes to train teachers in other communities to use their 3D printers to make the shields and help healthcare workers across the country.