COVID Live Updates: Report of vaccine distribution problems across the country

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NEW YORK (WABC) -- There are reports of vaccine distribution problems across the country.

In Los Angeles, organizers at a vaccination site at Dodger Stadium fear supplies could run out by Wednesday.

In Florida, a line of cars stretched for 12 blocks and many people were turned away.

Still, the Biden administration says it's confident it can get 100 million more Americans vaccinated in its first 100 days.

Its plan includes mass vaccination centers and training an army of people to give the shots.

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Here are more of today's headlines:

New COVID strain found in over one-third of LA patients: Cedars-Sinai
The new COVID strain has been found in more than one-third of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles and may be contributing to the acceleration of the recent surge of cases across Southern California, according to new research from Cedars-Sinai. The strain is believed to be in part responsible for the dramatic increase in cases over the last two months. The Cedars-Sinai findings did not indicate whether the strain is more deadly than current forms of the coronavirus.

MTA will postpone planned fare increase
MTA Chairman and CEO Patrick Foye said the transit agency will postpone the planned fare increase for several months. He released a statement that said in part:

"The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked economic havoc -- devastating the MTA's ridership and revenues and bringing them to levels far worse than the Great Depression. It has also hit people of color and low income communities hardest, many of whom are the very same essential workers that have been on the frontlines of this crisis and who are also most dependent on mass transit. As part of our biennial review of fare and toll policy, the MTA conducted the unprecedented level of outreach this year required, holding eight public hearings and receiving 2,100 public comments. What we heard at these hearings was that people are suffering and cannot shoulder even a modest fare increase right now."

Biden won't end pandemic travel restrictions
President-elect Joe Biden's incoming White House press secretary says his administration does not intend to lift coronavirus travel restrictions for Europe, the U.K., Ireland and Brazil.

The message from Jen Psaki came Monday evening after the White House said President Donald Trump had lifted the restrictions for those countries, effective Jan. 26. Psaki then tweeted: "On the advice of our medical team, the Administration does not intend to lift these restrictions on 1/26."

She added, "In fact, we plan to strengthen public health measures around international travel in order to further mitigate the spread of COVID-19."

Trump imposed the travel restrictions early in the pandemic to slow the spread of the coronavirus to the U.S. They prevented most people without American citizenship or residency from traveling to the U.S. from the affected regions.

California becomes first state to top 3 million virus cases
California on Monday became the first state to record more than 3 million known coronavirus infections.

The grim milestone, as tallied by Johns Hopkins University, wasn't entirely unexpected in a state with 40 million residents but its speed stunning. The state only reached 2 million reported cases on Dec. 24.

The first coronavirus case in California was confirmed last Jan. 25. It took 292 days to get to 1 million infections on Nov. 11 and 44 days to top 2 million. California's caseload is also far ahead of other large states. Texas had more than 2 million and Florida topped 1.5 million.

Newark soup kitchen's mission to feed hungry as important as ever
One of the most inspiring movements to emerge from the deadly and recession-sparking pandemic is the campaign to feed people who are hungry.

Food insecurity is an issue in the Tri-State area and some groups have made it their mission to help feed those in need, especially now, including a soup kitchen in Newark.

Actor Steve Martin gets 1st dose of COVID vaccine
Actor Steve Martin is the latest celebrity to get the coronavirus vaccine. Martin took to Twitter Sunday to announce he got his vaccination, and did so with a comedic take on his first dose.

Nearly 1,200 senior NYCHA residents get 1st dose of vaccine
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that following Friday's two-day deployment of State Community Vaccination Kits to five NYCHA housing complexes, nearly 1,200 senior NYCHA residents have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

These sites will be re-established in three weeks to administer second doses.

Coronavirus deaths rising in 30 US states amid winter surge
Coronavirus deaths are rising in nearly two-thirds of American states as a winter surge pushes the overall toll toward 400,000 amid warnings that a new, highly contagious variant is taking hold.

As Americans observed a national holiday Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pleaded with federal authorities to curtail travel from countries where new variants are spreading.

Referring to new versions detected in Britain, South Africa and Brazil, Cuomo said: "Stop those people from coming here.... Why are you allowing people to fly into this country and then it's too late?"

Teen sentenced to prison in Cayman Islands after breaking quarantine rules is back in US

The 18-year-old sentenced to two months behind bars in the Cayman Islands for breaking quarantine rules is out of prison and back on American soil.

Skylar Mack traveled to the Caribbean island Nov. 27 and, per island rules, was required to quarantine for 14 days. But after two days in isolation and a negative COVID-19 test, Mack removed her wrist monitor, breaching quarantine to watch her boyfriend -- a professional jet skier -- compete in a race.

Man caught living in airport for months afraid to fly home due to COVID-19
A man was allegedly living inside Chicago's O'Hare International Airport for three months before he was caught on Saturday.

Prosecutors said Aditya Singh, 36, was too afraid to fly back to Los Angeles due to COVID-19. Cook County prosecutors said Singh was found with an airport worker's misplaced credentials and survived inside a secure area of the airport.

Disneyland Paris postpones reopening
Due to the prevailing conditions in Europe, Disneyland Paris announced it will not reopen on Feb. 13 as initially planned.

If conditions permit, Disneyland Paris will reopen on April 2, 2021 and will welcome reservations from that date forward.

New mass vaccinations sites in NY
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new mass COVID vaccination sites in New York state that will open this week: SUNY Stony Brook, Aqueduct Racetrack, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Buffalo, Rochester Dome Arena, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, SUNY Potsdam and Plattsburgh International Airport.

Residents, staff at long-term care facilities begin getting 2nd dose of vaccine
Residents and workers at the first long-term care facility in New Jersey to get the COVID-19 vaccination began receiving their second doses Monday. Governor Phil Murphy and Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli were on hand at the Roosevelt Care Center in Old Bridge for the event, as the state continues to mourn more than 7,200 long-term care residents who have died from the novel coronavirus. Three weeks ago, 103-year-old Newark native Mildred Clements became the first long-term care resident in the state to be vaccinated.

Moderna vaccine use may be temporarily halted in California
California health officials are recommending a temporary halt to the distribution of a particular lot of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine out of concern over allergic reactions.
More than 330,000 doses of the particular lot were distributed to 287 health-care providers across California earlier this month.
One particular community vaccination clinic reported up to 10 allergic reactions to the vaccine within a 24-hour period, considered an unusually high number. State officials say the expected rate of reaction to similiar vaccines is normally around 1 in 100,000.

New vaccination sites open on Long Island, supply dwindles in NYC
Vaccination sites are opening on Long Island Monday, as inoculations continue in many New York City locations despite supply shortages. The state is opening a vaccination site at Grace Cathedral International in Uniondale, and on Martin Luther King Day, Nassau County begins a pop-up campaign in disproportionately affected neighborhoods with a pilot at Union Baptist Church in Hempstead. The Stony Brook vaccination site, where 20,000 people signed up last week using an unauthorized sign-up web link and had their appointments voided, opened Monday as well.


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