Teen entrepreneur beautifies Cypress neighborhood during pandemic

CYPRESS, Texas -- From pro-athlete aspirations to making money with his side hustles, Caydence Robinson is not your average teenager.

You could say the entrepreneurial bug bit him years ago after starting his first business.

When he wanted a bearded dragon as a pet, his parents decided to teach him about financial responsibility. Instead of buying food for his dragon every week, he got smart about it and started breeding his own reptile food with Dubia roaches.

After having a surplus of food, he connected with other reptile owners and started selling bug colonies to make extra money.

Recently, he started another side business of restoring mailboxes. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has kept him at home, he wanted to put that time to good use by offering his mailbox services to his Cypress neighbors.

Within a month's time, he managed to beautify 22 mailboxes in his subdivision!