Don't get tricked with fake delivery confirmations

ByDiane Wilson WABC logo
Friday, December 20, 2019
Don't get tricked with fake delivery confirmations
Lots of packages are arriving for Christmas and scammers are sending fake sending notifications.

As last-minute holiday packages arrive, watch out for fake delivery notifications.

These fake shipping or delivery confirmations arrive via email or text. UPS issued this warning about the scam. Here are a few examples of fraud notifications.

Scammers make it appear they're with UPS, the US Postal Service, and other delivery companies. The key is to not click on any links. The invalid links may contain malware, which could potentially corrupt your computer or phone.

If you get an email you're not sure of, always look at the sender address as that is typically a red flag. Also, look for misspelling or poor grammar.

The scammers will include pictures, and wording from legit delivery companies, so don't be fooled. Another big red flag is if you're asked for any type of payment for the package to be delivered.