Nick Offerman talks new FX on Hulu sci-fi thriller series, 'DEVS'

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Friday, March 13, 2020

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- Nick Offerman is best known for his comedic roles and he married to another funny person, Megan Mullally, but his new series for FX on Hulu is a thriller.

And Offerman is so great in it, I can't imagine anyone else could be better in "DEVS."

"DEVS" is a new series set in the world of quantum computers where new developments, or "DEVS," are happening in a division of a firm founded by Offerman's character, Forest. a tech entrepreneur struggling with a painful loss.

"He takes the emotions of incredible grief and sort of funnels them into his work," Offerman said.

Forest owns a company named Amaya, after his daughter, and a statue of the girl looms over the high tech campus.

"The moment my daughter was taken from me, it was as if I was placed into two concurrent states," his character explains.

"DEVS" is designed to engage our hearts and our minds and get us to look at fundamental questions of the 21st century.

"What are human beings going to do when computers become so powerful when technology works so well?" Offerman said. "How is human nature going to interact with that?"

"DEVS" creator Alex Garland is known for his sci-fi thrillers, but Offerman would seem an unlikely choice given how much time he spent making people laugh on "Parks and Recreation."

And the actor admits he was surprised to get the call from Garland.

"Fortunately, he wasn't that familiar with 'Parks and Recreation,'" he said, which is how he came to find himself "happy as a pig in mud."

This is a full-circle moment for Offerman because "DEVS" streams at "FX on Hulu," owned by Disney. He got his start in show business building rides for Disney theme parks, working as what is known as an Imagineer.


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