Disney+ new family film 'Flora & Ulysses' features a movie first: a superhero squirrel

Disney+ family film 'Flora & Ulysses' offers adventure, laughs, love... and a superhero squirrel

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Friday, February 19, 2021
Disney+ film 'Flora & Ulysses' features superhero squirrel
'Flora & Ulysses' on Disney+ sees a 10-year old girl befriending a squirrel, but this just isn't your run of the mill tree-climbing squirrel: he's an adventurous superhero!

The new family film "Flora & Ulysses" is coming to Disney+. It's about a superhero squirrel. You read that right. Flora is a 10-year-old girl who befriends a squirrel she names Ulysses. Once Flora discovers this is no ordinary squirrel, the adventures begin!

Matilda Lawler is the film's young star, and she had the tough task of acting opposite... nothing.

"A lot of the times there was nothing there and I had to pretend. And that was hard. But other times, there was, like, this gray-like stuffed animal, sort of. It was made of rubber and it looked like a rat but like an uglier version," said Lawler.

Alyson Hannigan plays Flora's mom, and Ben Schwartz is the young character's dad.

"I'm just kind of a kid at heart. I love these type of films and I love animated movies and TV shows," said Schwartz. "So any time I can do something that I loved as a kid, I try to do it. "

"I have two girls and their friends are excited about something that I'm in. I feel like I get an extra cred, like, with my kids, like I got up a notch, like they might love me a little more right now," said Hannigan.

Along with acting, Alyson has another passion: crafting.

"I haven't, like, let my kids craft for a while so it's real neat. Once they're in here, it's like paper everywhere!" said Hannigan.

My wife, Erin, is also a craft connoisseur.

"We need to hang out!" said Hannigan. "Come craft with me!"

"Flora and Ulysses" streams on Disney+ starting Friday, Feb. 19.