The Dominican Chimi: A taste of D.R.'s famous street burger in Brooklyn

PROSPECT HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (WABC) -- The chimichurri burger, also known as the "Chimi Dominicano," is a traditional Dominican Republic street dish famous for its savory special sauce.

Despite its visual similarity to a cheeseburger, the Dominican chimi is in a category all its own.

At Puerto Viejo Restaurant, a Dominican Bistro in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, the mouth-watering burger is served with Black Angus beef, tomato, red onion, and Dominican slaw.

"The chimi burger is our take on a burger and if you haven't had a chimi burger when you've gone to D.R. then you really haven't experienced the culinary offers that we have," said Maritza Abreu, owner of Puerto Viejo Restaurant along with her mom, Cristina Abreu, who founded the restaurant in 1986.

Although the precise origins of the Dominican chimi remain unclear, many across the island credit the burger to the Argentinian cook Juan Abrales, who moved to the Dominican Republic from Argentina in the 1970s.

The recipe for this tasty burger, which can be found at food trucks all across the Dominican Republic, varies as each stand has its own recipe and seasonings.

"We try to give clients the quality they look for. No need to travel to Santo Domingo, you can find it here," Cristina Abreu said.


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