No. 5 subway service resumes after platform collapse in Bronx

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016
No. 5 subway service disrupted by Bronx platform collapse
Dray Clark reporting live

BRONX (WABC) -- Subway service on the No. 5 has resumed after a platform collapsed in the Bronx Tuesday night.

Behind the plywood walls on the elevated No. 5 platform at Eastchester-Dyre Avenue is a giant piece of machinery.

It's so heavy, that at around 8 p.m. Tuesday the platform underneath it gave way. A 40-foot section of plywood fell towards the track, and wound up in the way of any trains passing by.

"Easily can cause a derailment," said Paul Navarro, division chairman for the Transit Workers Union.

Navarro said this is the second similar incident at this station in just two weeks, as the MTA replaces the aging platform.

"What is it going to take? Maybe the MTA to start monitoring the subway that's 100 years old," Navarro said.

On Wednesday morning, the city announced that all platform structural repairs were completed. The No. 5 still has delays.

Commuter Larry Adames said he's happy the work's being done at all at the station. "There was water dripping rusted metal, kind of shaky, and the platform did feel a little shaky now that I think about it," Adames said.

Due to the structural damage there was no 5 train service overnight between East 180th Street and Eastchester-Dyre Avenue in both directions.