Man donates custom caskets for children killed in Edna, Texas house fire

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Monday, December 1, 2014
(Trey Ganem Designs)
Trey Ganem Designs-KTRK

EDNA, TX -- Former hot rod designer turned casket designer Trey Ganem has donated custom coffins to the family who lost five children in a house fire in Edna last week.

Ganem, an Edna resident, knows the family and was asked by a family member to make the caskets. He built all five in four days. He started at 5:30pm Wednesday, and aside from a few hours to sleep and some time on Thanksgiving, he worked through Saturday at 2:00pm.

The five caskets are customized for each child.

For 15-year-old Noah Ortiz, Ganem designed a casket with his football team colors and his number. His football helmet will be fixed onto the casket.

For Nicholas Ortiz, 13, Ganem designed a casket with a Call of Duty video game theme.

The casket for Julian Ortiz, 11, has a WWE theme.

Trey Ganem Designs

The coffins for Lilyana Hernandez, 6, and Areyanah Hernandez, 5, are painted with a "Frozen" movie theme.

Ganem is donating his time and materials, and was originally only going to do it at cost, but the community has stepped in and these will be presented to family at no cost.

Ganem told us the hardest part of this endeavor was when the family came in to watch him work. He says he hopes these caskets will allow family to have a happy thought of their loved ones.

A Facebook user wrote of the caskets, "How beautiful and personal they each are. Just wow :,( I will say it again. Trey Ganem & Michele Ganem are such good, big-hearted, kind people. They are part of the heart of this community and I'm proud to say 'Hey, I know them.' As a mom, it is unimaginable to think of ever going through something like this, but I would be honored to know I had people like them willing and able to step up and volunteer to help take some worry off during such a tragic time and to make sure my babies last resting place is such a beautiful one. God bless y'all!!"