Teacher gives fake 'spelling test' as April Fools' prank

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Saturday, April 1, 2017
Teacher pranks students with test
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This 4th grade teacher got one over on his elementary students with a fake spelling test.

ROYAL OAK, Michigan -- April Fools' Day is a day to play practical jokes on your friends and loved ones.

Since April 1 falls on a Saturday this year, one fourth-grade teacher decided to prank his students a few days early during the school week.

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An elementary school teacher in Michigan announced a pop "spelling test" Wednesday afternoon.

Joey Dombrowski included fake words "blorskee", "tangeteen" and "speeku" complete with some silent letters in the end.

Here's the complete April Fools' Day spelling test:

Blorskee: "I lost my blorskee at a carnival."

Tangateen: "I eat my spaghetti with a tangateen."

Speekuzslmn: "Look, there's a speekuzslmn."

Wazamata: "Students said they were sick, I said, 'Wazamata with you?'"

Slipert: "Be careful when you're sleeping, there might be a slipert in your house."

Chchch: "The horse was angry so I said chchch."

Rol-aska-tox: "Rol-aska-tox was surprised when jinx took the crown."

Speenuch: "My favourite food is speenuch and artichoke dip."

Shabolaskp: "Be careful that you do not catch shabolaskp."

GÜRRR: "My friend told me a secret and I said GÜRRR."

The students were dumbfounded until they realized it was all a big joke.