Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks and more celebs weigh in on Time's Up ahead of Oscars

The Time's Up and #MeToo movements took center stage at the Golden Globes and have been dominating headlines with their focus on sexual misconduct, with Oprah Winfrey famously advising girls that "a new day is on the horizon."

"What's going on right now is a victory in this battle, but there's a larger war going on," actress Betty Gabriel said at the National Board of Review Awards in Midtown Manhattan. "And there's many more people outside of the Hollywood industry. There are many more people that need to be called out."

So many wore black to the Globes, with Hollywood movers and shakers wondering if this is just a moment, or is the entire industry about to forge a path in a new direction?

"It's a true movement," Julianna Margulies said. "You would have to not know women very well to think that it was just a moment...We've come way too far to turn back now, and there's no one I know who is part of this movement that would easily back down. It's just not going to happen. It's over."

"It's drawing attention to all the things that we need to have change," Rita Wilson said. "Not just the sexual harassment and the abuse, but also how we're going to employ more women in the workplace."

After the Golden Globes, male winners were called out online for not mentioning the issue. So what should men be doing?

"If I was to talk just man-to-man right now, it would truly be to say, be a gentleman and be respectful," Tom Hanks said. "Because the rights that everybody has in the workplace is to come and do their job, and not have that job be at risk because they don't play along."

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