Meet 90-year-old Enzo Carnaroli, the "Miracle Man" who defeated COVID-19.

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Thursday, October 8, 2020
90-year-old "Miracle Man" knocks out COVID-19
90-year-old Enzo Carnaroli championed a three-week battle with Coronavirus.

MEDIA -- Some are calling him the "Miracle Man, that's because 90-year-old Enzo Carnaroli has defeated COVID-19.

"I'm going to see him today and I'm going to take him home," said his wife, Joan Carnaroli. "And that's all I care about."

The emotional homecoming started at Riddle Hospital in Delaware County. Joan rushed her husband to the hospital once he woke up with a fever.

But given their extreme precaution and self-quarantining, she thought it was only a urinary tract infection. After a long three weeks of uncertainty and loneliness, the loving couple has finally reunited.

Thanks to a courageous spirit and a team of talented nurses with Mainline Health, Enzo scored a figurative K.O. in his most recent frightening fight.