5 sisters adopted as children reunite for 1st time in 6 decades

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
5 sisters adopted as children reunite for 1st time in 6 decades
Ken Rosato reports on the sisters' reunion in Nebraska.

NEBRASKA (WABC) -- Five sisters who were put up for adoption as children and who were raised in different states met for the first time after nearly six decades in a heartfelt reunion.

The oldest knew she had siblings and wouldn't give up until she found them.

The women, who now range in age from 59 to 66, all share the same mom.

They visited Nebraska Children's Home Society, where three of them were adopted in the mid-1950s, an era of closed adoptions.

"The reason why us girls were given up is because Bill, dad, didn't, wasn't sure we were his," Ruth Ellen Christensen said. "But guess what, we are."

Vicky Love was the only one old enough to know she had siblings.

"I started searching in 1980 for everybody," she said. "And that was back before we had computers."

A DNA test matched her to Nena Christina, who grew up with their biological mom.

"A sheriff or something came knocking at our door and saying, 'Here is something,'" Christina said. "Hand it to my mom, and my mom busted out in tears is all really I can remember."

DNA also helped them connect with Kala Williams.

"For me, I was always raised as an only child," she said. "And then find out I have sisters, and then a couple of brothers popped up here or there. And it is like, I have a family now."

Jan Siperly was the last to get connected.

"I sent away my DNA and got the answer back in September," she said. "Then I started contacting these guys. I never dreamed I had this many sisters."

It's been an emotional discovery. Their mom died in 2003, but they continue to learn about her and how much they have in common -- like their interest in music and art.

Now, in matching purple shirts with pins close to their hearts, they're quickly catching up on all the years they lost.


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