Couple announces their pregnancy with a funny photo

(Meg Owen)

A photo of a Seattle couple's creative baby announcement is the latest internet sensation for its humorous approach. Take a look below.

Posting the photo to Reddit with the title, "A nontraditional baby announcement for a nontraditional family," married couple Meg and Becca Owen are seen posing in good humor, dressed in custom t-shirts.

Becca sports a happy expression with her t-shirt saying "I'm pregnant," while Meg has a horrified look as her t-shirt explains, "I'm not the father." The image soared to the top of Reddit, with thousands of users congratulating them.

"Our friends and family have been with us every step of the way through this process and we wanted a fun way to share the news with them," Meg wrote in an email to ABC. "My wife is clever and she had these shirts made."

In terms of the image going viral, Meg says that she and her wife were surprised and overwhelmed with the response.

"It's been beyond moving to see so many supportive and beautiful comments from people we don't know from all over the world," Meg told ABC. "We've seen so many loving comments, a few controversial comments and of course many amusing comments. I really had no idea so many people think I look like a female Zach Braff."

The couple's simple intent of good humor quickly became an inspiration to many online users, with an overwhelming majority of comments in support of the happy couple.

"This photo has sparked hundreds of conversations on love, equality and parenting and that's the coolest thing to see," Meg told us.

Meg went on to say that Becca is currently in her second trimester, "and looking beautiful."

The couple employed intrauterine insemination (IUI) from a donor so they could have a child. When asked how the couple chose who would bear the child, Meg said it was easy to decide.

"My wife has dated men before me so she always assumed she'd have a baby biologically," wrote Meg on the Reddit thread. "I had no interest. So it just worked out that way."

While Becca wanted to have at least one child biologically, Meg told Reddit users that if they decide to have another they will choose to adopt.

Both Meg and Becca's families are "beyond excited," Meg told ABC about the announcement.

"We just saw lots of love, support and tears. We have to (sic) very excited grandmas-to-be."

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