North Carolina police employee saves kitten in distress

Monday, September 12, 2016
FPD employee saves kitten in distress
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Leo the kitten was in distress when a Fayetteville Police Department employee came to his rescue

FAYETTEVILLE -- It's usually firefighters called in to rescue a cat in distress, but in Fayetteville, it was a police department worker who saved the day.

Now, that cute kitten has a new home.

Leo has kidnapped hearts around police headquarters. Annette O'Keefe, a police department employee, rescued Leo from a parked dump truck bed, and nursed the newborn back to health with lots of bottle feeding.

Leo pulled at Annette's heartstrings, and she wasn't alone. Annette's coworker April Riedel adopted the precocious kitten Thursday.

"He is a survivor. He is an orphan, and he just needed a good family," April said.

"We run into a lot of different stuff here at work, and every once in a while you get these small opportunities to do something that makes you feel good," Annette said.

And the kitten's name? Leo stands for Law Enforcement Officer. And he will no doubt find himself right at home at police headquarters.

Leo is going to a good home