7 On Your Side steps in after auto parts shortage causes recall runaround

Thursday, September 22, 2022
Auto parts shortage causes recall runaround
Ford announced new car shortages due to supply chain woes. But one family on Long Island says it's not just new cars suffering parts problems. Nina Pineda has 7 On Your Side.

SETAUKET, Long Island -- Earlier this week, auto-giant Ford announced continued new car shortages because there's a delay in getting parts due to supply chain woes. But one family on Long Island says it's not just new cars suffering parts problems.

And when one dealership couldn't get the parts to fix a dangerous defect, Nina Pineda and 7 On Your Side jumped into action.

Burnt down to the frame after a fire erupted under the hood, then an explosion, sent young Marine Ryan McCoy scrambling for his life on I-95.

"He said when he was running away a fireball blew across the road, that's how severe an explosion it was," car owner Frank McCoy said. "It's completely engulfed in flames, and he sent me this picture and I couldn't believe it."

"It was the scariest thing ever because all you care about is your children's safety," said Erin McCoy.

The McCoys say it's heartbreaking what their son went through. All his possessions, including the newlywed's wedding gifts and money, melted in the 2017 Ford F-150 the soldier was driving back to base from New York last year.

His dad says he never found out what caused that fire - and there's been no recalls on that truck.

But last July, they got a safety recall notice on his other Ford - a 2021 Expedition with a familiar ring:

"An under-hood fire may occur either when the engine is on or when the vehicle is parked, and the engine is off."

Frank says he flashed back.

"I was scared, I was scared for myself and my family because it's a car we travel in frequently," he said.

The notice recommended Frank call his dealer "without delay" to "request a service date." So he called around but no dealers in his area had the parts to fix the defect.

"They just said they don't have the parts and they didn't know when they were coming in," Frank said. "It said to not park it near any personal property, I took it as not driving it as well because they had said it could go on fire whether it's on or off."

Luckily, there was recourse in the recall promising a rental vehicle or other transportation for free. But the dealership had no loaners. So, Frank asked Ford's corporate offices.

"They called the dealerships too and said there were no cars," he said. "It was insane because I needed a car, I can't be driving this car because it's so dangerous."

So 7 On Your Side started to make some calls. The dealership's manager told us he couldn't perform the recall fixes because of delays on parts due to supply chain shortages and that 100 customers were still waiting.

But an hour after our calls, he said he got parts in for five fixes and the McCoys were scheduled the next morning.

And in just half a day, Frank had his Ford and the recall repair was done.

The following day - the McCoys were packing their son up in their fixed Ford. They made it to the University of Michigan safe and sound.

"Just having the benefit of the knowledge that we were safe, you know? And I can't thank you guys enough for getting it done," Frank said.

"Thank you, you made it happen," Erin said.

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