Former foster children give graphic account of alleged sexual, emotional abuse

RIVERHEAD, Long Island (WABC) -- Three former foster children of Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu took the stand in Riverhead on Tuesday. They all testified that when they first arrived at his huge home in Ridge, they were thrilled.

However, one of the children spoke up about seeing the 'real side of him,' saying he would make a lot of sexual jokes and inappropriate gestures.

"One day we came home from school. I saw a ruler on a table. I asked him what the rulers are for - he said to measure my 'private parts,'" another said.

Gonzalez-Mugaburu is accused of sexually abusing six boys in his care. One of them, now 29-years-old told the jury that when he was in elementary school, Gonzalez-Mugaburu would routinely sexually assault him.

"It was a daily routine. Before school, after school - whenever he wanted," he said.

The victim testified that he earned house privileges for performing sexual acts, like being able to use the bathroom whenever he wanted, to play with his toys and to sit on his couch and watch TV.

Gonzales-Mugaburu's attorney attempted to undermine the credibility of the witnesses, focusing on their behavioral and emotional issues. He says they made up these stories. He also asked them why they never told social workers about what was going on. They told him they didn't think anyone would believe them.
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