Woman bitten by fox who ran inside her home in Mahopac

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Sunday, August 6, 2017
1 hospitalized after fox terrorizes family inside Mahopac home
Sandra Bookman has more on a fox barging into a home in Mahopac.

MAHOPAC, New York -- The Putnam County sheriff's officer says a woman was attacked by a gray fox in her suburban New York yard, and the animal chased her inside her home.

According to the Journal News, the fox came from the woods surrounding the home and bit the woman on her ankle and scratched her.

She ran inside, and it chased her. She and her children then fled and left the fox trapped in the home.

Kricket Dyckman of Dyckman's Wildlife Control said the animal's behavior was unusual. She says the fox will be euthanized and tested for rabies on Monday.

The agency was called to the scene after the woman dialed 911 and found the fox hiding in the kitchen.

The woman was being treated for her injuries.