Franciscan Sisters in Peekskill will get new boilers for convent thanks to donors

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Friday, November 18, 2016
Sisters praying for help with replacing broken boilers in convent
Carolina Leid reports from Peekskill.

PEEKSKILL, New York (WABC) -- The Franciscan Monastery Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Peekskill say the calls have been non-stop since Eyewitness News aired their story on Thursday night.

"I had a very long talk with God and I said, 'I know you're not going to let me down,'" said Sister Laura Morgan, a Franciscan nun.

It turns out, she was right!

There are two things the Franciscan sisters believe in: the power of prayers and the good of people.

They are down to their last boiler to keep their convent heated during the cold winter ahead, and they need $350,000 to replace and repair the boilers.

So they sent out a letter to nearly 4,000 people on a mailing list.

They also set up a donation page on under the title "Heat for the Sisters."

Thanks to Eyewitness News, their donation page has raised over $50,000. Several boiler companies are looking to donate to the sisters and two local companies have also offered to do the maintenance needed.

"The response has been unbelievable," Sister Morgan said.

For 150 years, the Franciscan Monastery Sisters of the Sacred Heart have served the Peekskill community and the surrounding area.

In 1970, they had 400 sisters who cared for 1,000 children.

Now just 24 nuns remain.

The sisters promise to keep Eyewitness News updated on when their new boilers arrive.