Texas neighbors with opposing political signs show how to have friendly relationship

CEDAR PARK, Texas -- As Election Day approaches, tension between the Democratic and Republican parties continue to rise.

However, two central Texas neighbors are urging everyone to lead with love and not judgement.

Tasha Hancock and Marne Litton live in Cedar Park, near Austin. They have been neighbors and friends for six years.

Litton is a Republican and Hancock is a Democrat, KVUE reports.

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The lifelong Democrat recently turned Republican says his sign was stolen six times before he decided to take action.

They say they wanted to change the narrative after seeing neighbors bicker online, and political signs vandalized.

"So I may think one way about one subject and that's why I vote a certain way, but that doesn't run my whole life," Litton said. "That doesn't mean I'm a bad person, or my kids are not good people, or we're not a good family and vice versa."

"We're both mothers," Hancock said. "This is to demonstrate to our kids that you can have different opinions, you can look different, and still respect and love one another."

Even though they'll be checking different boxes on Nov. 3, the duo said they will be riding to the polls together to make their voices heard.
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