Get ready for the viral TikTok 'Girl Dinner' trend with these 6 items

ByChi Tran Localish logo
Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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As of late, the term "Girl Dinner" has been taking over TikTok for its aesthetic and simplicity. Girl dinners are essentially charcuterie boards and snack plates for one. Those nights when you don't want to order in and nothing in the pantry looks appetizing, a plate full of cheeses, breads, cured meats, and dried fruits could be your new go-to. Get in on the trend with your own charcuterie boards, dinnerware sets, and more.

1. Charcuterie Board - $84

To assemble the proper "girl dinner," a charcuterie board is essential. This multi-use charcuterie board is an aesthetic plate for any single-person meal or the ultimate party board for all your next soirée.

Image credit: Amazon

2. Meal Kit for One - $14

Girl dinner with a twist. With Blue Apron meal kit, the work is already done for you. The meal kits are easy to cook, easy to clean, and the meal itself is Instagram-worthy.

Image credit: Blue Apron

3. Personalized Apron - $24.95

Even if you aren't cooking, aprons are still a stylistic must-have. The Williams-Sonoma personalized apron will cement the kitchen as your space for self-love.

Image credit: Williams-Sonoma

4. Dinnerware Set - $53.99

Make it beautiful for TikTok. This 16-piece dinnerware set is an absolute steal and would beautifully compliment your girl dinner (or any dinner).

Image credit: Walmart

5. Cookie Jar - $19.99

An aesthetically pleasing addition to your cupboard, this charming, versatile 5-inch candy and cookie jar will fit snugly into your "girl dinner" photo as well.

Image credit: Walmart

6. Wine Glass Set- $45.99

Ailtec is renowned for glassware, and this long-stem, 6-pack wine glasses will be the perfect companion for your meals.

Image credit: Walmart