Dermaplaning facial resets your face with scalpels and acid

ByJohanna Trupp and Emily Sowa WABC logo
Friday, August 3, 2018
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UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC) -- Who would willingly let someone put a blade to their face and then rub acid on it? Oh that's right, ME!

On this episode of Glam Lab, I try out the popular face treatments - dermaplaning and a chemical 'peel'.

Dermaplaning is the process of shaving off the layer of dead skin cells on your face using a scalpel. The chemical peel then exfoliates all of that dead skin with glycolic acid.

Long story short: it re-sets your face. Breaking out? Sun damage? Dark spots? These treatments are supposed to get your skin back to its normal state.

I went to the Youth Corridor Clinic on the Upper East Side, where the chemical treatment is a little different. They exclusively offer the No-Peel Peel.

Usually after a chemical peel, you would be flaking off and shedding all that dead skin for the next few hours. The No-Peel Peel, just melts it off right there.

Dr. Imber, plastic surgeon and founder of the clinic, is all about preventative care. He urges people to take care of their skin with good product and non-invasive treatments. This way, if you follow this doctor's orders, you won't have to do anything drastic later in life.

Maybe it works or maybe I'm just crazy. Check out the latest Glam Lab to see for yourself!

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