Bronx goIT team competes with healthy food app

BRONX, New York (WABC) -- A team of 8th graders from One World Middle School in The Bronx is being mentored by volunteers from TCS.

It's hoped that Kowan, Shammeka and Natalia will be inspired to consider a STEM career.

Through the TCS "go IT" program, they played a role in developing an innovative app aimed at making smarter dietary decisions.

"The end game is to inspire and get them interested in computer science," Hillary McDonald of TCS told Eyewitness News. "It shows them they can be producers of things they use every day. Not just consumers."

For Natalie, the app hit home.

"I got involved in this because my dad wants me to go on a diet because I eat too many unhealthy foods," Natalie said while laughing. "This app can help me go on a diet."

Their teachers say the go IT program opens a whole new world of career opportunities.

"It opens their eyes to the possibilities," Jerilyn Fueller said. "The more opportunities they have, the more opportunities they have to reach for.
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