Goodfair makes shopping secondhand easier than ever!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Goodfair makes shopping secondhand easier than ever!
Goodfair is an growing online thrift brand aimed at making secondhand shopping more accessible!

HOUSTON, Texas -- Ever wonder what happens to all the clothes that retailers never sell, or the old clothes you donate? The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, behind the oil and gas industry. But a unique online thrift brand based in Houston is taking action to cut down on the environmental impact of textile waste.

Goodfair is making it easier than ever to think secondhand first. The unique thrifting experience is aimed at helping shoppers find stylish used clothing online at an affordable price.

"Fast fashion, the giant companies that are pumping out new collections every week, are causing environmental problems with the dyes that are going into rivers and the huge amount of clothing that is going into landfills," said Goodfair CEO Topper Luciani.

The average American donate 80 pounds of clothing per person per year, and usually, the clothing is as good as new. Goodfair sells pre-owned, good quality clothing in bundles. Shoppers choose their size and the type of garment they're looking for, then Goodfair's team hand selects your bundle for you. The actual items in your bundle are a complete surprise until they arrive in the mail.

"We're pumping out thousands and thousands of orders," said Luciani. "Americans really want thrift. Maybe a huge part of the population can add just one thrifted item to their closets. And that will have an enormous impact."

So far, Goodfair has saved almost four million garments from landfills.

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