Staten Island middle school worker accused of selling drugs during lunch break suspended

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Worker at Staten Island school accused of selling drugs on lunch break.
Eyewitness News reporter Darla Miles has more from Stapleton.

STAPLETON, Staten Island (WABC) -- A New York City middle school employee accused of selling drugs on her lunch break has been suspended.

The NYC Department of Education issued a statement Wednesday about 25-year-old Amanda Dimarinis, who works at I.S. 49 in the Stapleton section of Staten Island.

"This alleged behavior is deeply disturbing, and this paraprofessional has been suspended without pay," a school spokesman said in an email to Eyewitness News.

She's worked for the DOE since March 2016.

According to police, Dimarinis allegedly sold fentanyl during her lunch break. She was arrested in a large Staten Island sweep that was sparked by the March 2016 overdose death of Sharissa Turk, who was eight months pregnant when she died.

Turk performed as the "Blue Fairy" in a music video about prescription drug abuse in 2013. The video went viral after Turk pleaded guilty to felony drug charges.

Watch the video here (WARNING: Video contains profanity):

Four others were arrested in the heroin and fentanyl bust, including Turk's fiance, 28-year-old Frank Dagaetano. Investigators said the drug operation that spanned from Edison Township, New Jersey, to Staten Island. The group was arrested during the drug takedown as part of Operation Blue Angel.

"We executed five search warrant in four residences and a vehicle," NYPD Assistant Chief Patrick Conry said. "We recovered sums us currency and controlled substances, which is heroin. As part of our ongoing attack on heroin epidemic, in 2016 we had three major takedowns."

Drug overdoses have been responsible for a disproportionate number of deaths on Staten Island, and have become a major law enforcement concern.

The district attorney is taking measures in its investigations to go after the dealers.

"Our goal is to go after the dealers on the streets, to stop their activity, but also to crip the pipeline," District Attorney Michael McMahon said. "To figure out where it is coming from, how it's coming to Staten Island and cut off that pipeline finally."