Neighborhood Eats: HALL by Odo in NYC now delivering sushi

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Friday, April 3, 2020
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This week's Neighborhood Eats highlights HALL by Odo which is located at 17 West 20th Street in Manhattan's Flatiron District.

FLATIRON DISTRICT, Manhattan (WABC) -- New York is filled with tiny restaurants, little gems, but right now we can't experience them inhouse, but rather by takeout.

HALL by Odo is located at 17 West 20th Street in Manhattan's Flatiron District.

HALL by Odo offers destination dining two ways, a 14-seat counter for a traditional Kaseiki multi-course meal, or a tucked-away speakeasy for casual fare.

Since regular dining isn't an option, the Michelin starred restaurant is adapting.

"We kind of created a new delivery menu using Hall and Odo together," Saturo Yasumatsu, owner Hall by Odo.

"People are still enjoying sushi from our restaurant, usually we never offer sushi delivery. Sushi normally is a chef using hands."

"But now you have to wear gloves?" Eyewitness News asked.

"All the kitchen staff is wearing gloves and masks especially sushi," Yasumatsu said.

$18 sushi boxes are now available for delivery, as well as their burgers, topped with a sauce of miso, shiso, and soy. There are foie gras burgers, veggie burgers, jidori chicken sandwiches and a chef's special every night.

"The food itself is quality food by a Michelin starred chef," Yasumatsu said. "He cares about the quality."

Between the speakeasy and the counter, there are only 34 seats, but HALL by Odo relied on a staff of 20. That staff is now down to four. But, the owner isn't ready to close up shop.

"No, we never give up because we just started a year and a half ago, it's a very new restaurant," Yasumatsu said.

"We have a lot of goals, we keep going, we have to get out of this situation."

HALL by Odo delivers every day and is donating proceeds to the JBF Foundation relief fund.