Halloween costumes on NYC's subway are the best. These 28 photos prove it

ByMike Waterhouse WABC logo
Monday, October 31, 2016
A "creepy" clown rides the N train from Queens to Manhattan on Sunday, October 30, 2016.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Few things are better than riding the New York City subway on Halloween, and this weekend hasn't been a disappointment.

From dinosaurs to Superman (in his not-so-best-moment), NYC is arguably the best place to sight see on this ghoulish holiday.

We gathered up the best images that sum up what it's like to take a ride on NYC's busiest public transportation method.

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1. Let's start with the dinosaurs. They seemed to be everywhere this weekend:

2. Jack Skellington almost fits right in with other subway riders:

3. Some took an artistic approach:

4. While others tried something a little scarier:

5. Couples costumes always seem to get some attention:

6. Pikachu perhaps had a wild night:

7. This vampire was apparently spotted in Williamsburg:

8. Some people played out the roles of their costumes:

9. This one is a bit interesting:

10. Is green hair a thing?

11. Obey.

12. Sometimes you might run into a unicorn waiting for the train:

13. It's normal to bring a chainsaw onto the subway, right?

14. And then there's Tin Man:

15. This may not be the best attempt we've all seen for Mario:

16. But this Mario/Luigi duo is pretty great:

17. Wicked witch of the East Village?

18. A bride?

19. Who said you can't take knives into the subway?

20. This isn't how anyone wants their night to end:

21. Just in case you needed help getting into your email, Anonymous was there:

22. Or if you needed other superhero-type assistance, this guy was just inside the train:

23. From the suicide squad?

24. Yes, this is two humans with horse heads:

25. Whopper or a Big Mac?

26. A classic:

27. This is how a good Halloween ends in NYC, isn't it?

28. And one more:

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