'Helicopter siblings' help parents monitor social media accounts

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Most people have heard of helicopter parenting, but the trend of helicopter sibling is relatively new. And 20-year-old Lillian Carone has mastered the art.

"I follow Willow on every social media site she has," Carone said. "I see everything she posts. I get to see where she is all the time, even if that isn't where she tells my mom she is."

She is referring to her 17-year-old sister, who is on all the social media sites that her parents would have no idea how to navigate.

"All those apps I have heard about like SnapChat, I think there is something new like Voohoo or Voo Doo or I don't know," mom Andrea Carrone said. "I think it is really hard

to raise your kid with all this technology."

And it's not just about being a tattle tail, but about doing what's best for your sibling.

"If she posts, she knows it is public," Lillian said. "I am not doing anything to invade her space."

And at this point, Willow is just fine with that.

"It is comforting knowing she is there to watch over me," she said. "And not to rat on me and get me in trouble."

The Carones are a family of eight, ranging in ages from 6 to 22, so for them, having that extra parent helps keep the whole family under control.

"That is definitely a tool," dad Michael Carrone said. "You feel a little bit comfort level that they can help with that parenting especially with having such a big family and small children."

While the helicopter sibling can be useful, it's important to give it boundaries. It can become an unhealthy habit if you are constantly monitoring your siblings and invading their privacy. That won't help the relationship, but to the Carones, this way of monitoring is a happy medium.

"Sisters should definitely be checking up on each other," Lillian said.

"It is just sort of mentoring," Michael added. "And helping each other what like people are supposed to do."

All on board for helicopter siblings.