What you would ask the candidates if you were moderating the debate?

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Monday, September 26, 2016

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at Hofstra University Monday night will focus on a number of topics.

The first debate will be divided into six segments of approximately 15 minutes each, with two segments each on these three topics: America's Direction, Achieving Prosperity, Securing America.

But we wanted to know, what would voters want to ask the candidates if they were moderating the debate?

You can read some of the responses below, and you can weigh in with your own questions by clicking here:


Cathy Kuhran: I would ask Donald Trump what would his intentions be on getting back the cost of living raise that the elderly hasn't seen in 2 years. And Hillary if she would put it in writing what she had said about bringing down the retirement for people to the age of 60 instead of 65.

Pat Baumgaertel: I would like to know what each candidate plans on doing about social security. There was no cost of living increase this year. Everything has gone up in cost but social security staid the same

Karen Iannaci Rohde: I'd ask Hillary what her idea of Fair share is on paying taxes? Federal Taxes are extremely high now and the people paying them are called greedy. I will never understand it, almost 50% is taken out on the wealthy and still called greedy, I feel it's a bad message and encourages people to not work as hard

Chickie Tolano: What would you do to help the Social Security get a decent increase....help the Veteran's..and add better medical coverage to medicare(such as glasses and dental) ....what would you do????

C Alan Bobo: I would ask Donald Trump how any tax "relief" for the rich would be paid for without massive cuts in Secial Security & Medicare.


Kerry Landherr: What will you do about the homelessness problem seeing how we are taking in refugees and promising them housing, medical coverage and jobs while our economy is anemic?

Isabella Rinaldi Rossilli: What are you going to do for our elderly and veterans.

Christine Mercado: What is their stance on parental leave after a child is born?

Ahmed Chowdhury: This is for Hillary Clinton. Can you discuss our education system, and job market. How can you make it better? People have said in the past, they would do this or that, however nothing was done in my own opinion. What can you do, if you were to become our President? Thank You. Have A Great Week.

Gail Abby: The national average income for a family of four is based upon the entire United States. States like New York that are much more expensive to live in are lumped in with states like Ohio or Wyoming or Idaho where it is much less expensive. Because the more expensive states of grouped with the less expensive states the national average for the poverty line is skewed which leaves families in the states that are more expensive to live in with no help from the government and not enough money to survive. What would you do as president to change that situation so that everybody has a fair shot at either getting government help or being able to meet the needs of their families?


Daria Iwanczuk: What will you do to help bring down the price of prescription meds like the Epi-pens and keep the same thing from happening again

Danielle Noel: What would you do to reduce health care premiums?

Pattie Lamberson: what can be done about the heroin epedemic?

Melissa Michelle: What steps will you take to address mental health reform?

Marie Positano: I want BOTH candidates to consider transparency and accountability for nursing homes and rehabs. These entities should be run as competent businesses trying to out do each other in providing better quality care, instead of abysmal and at times neglectful and abusive treatment of this vulnerable population.

Join the Eyewitness News team live tonight at 8:00 p.m. from Hofstra University as we countdown to the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


Gail Smith: Would ask Trump why he uses such hateful rhetoric and constantly lies. And Hillary why she apparently allows her campaign people to advise her on being secretive re eg her recent illness. Emails and re Bills womanizing just say to the people you are voting for me not him

India Lord: I would ask Trump if he really hates minorities seeing he wants to build a wall to keep out the rapist/ criminal Mexicans out and ban the Muslims and reenact the federally banned system of stop and frisk.

Alice Verrastro: I would ask Donald Trump what does he mean by "make America Great Again" Why does he think America is no longer great. Details please, no fluff!

Elaine Kurpit: Why should we trust either one of you?


Toniann Focca Miraglia: How my life as a middle class family of 5 would change if they become president !

Toni Dellaquila Mozdzer: To both candidates. Honestly why do you want to be president and what makes you think you are qualified?

Michael Rehfeld: What is the number one priority of the Federal Government?

Lisa Tierney: Which one of you can find my husband a full time job

Glenn Sophie: What would you do to break the GRIDLOCK in Congress