Non-profit Holy Stitch Factory Fellowship in SF uses sewing to teach life lessons

ByRobert Goldstone Localish logo
Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Holy Stitch Factory Fellowship uses sewing to teach life lessons
Julian Prince Dash's Holy Stitch Factory Fellowship is a non-profit sewing school with a mentorship program.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Julian Prince Dash started Holy Stitch Factory Fellowship, a non-profit sewing school and mentorship program in San Francisco, California.

Growing up without a positive male role model has inspired Dash to reach out to individuals under similar circumstances.

"My core motivation when younger, that fueled me, was lack of having a father." Dash expressed, "Any time that I see that, in any form or shape, I utilize whatever resources I have within myself or around me, to make sure that that cycle goes at least half time."

Using sewing as a metaphor for life's challenges, Julian provides a safe place to prepare for the future. At Holy Stitch, you will find guidance and a sense of community.

"Doesn't matter what you are doing in life. If you have an idea, figure out how to make it happen," said Dash. "All you need is someone to say, 'Go do it. I believe in you.'"

With the help of donations from companies such as Levi's, Holy Stitch can keep its program active. Dash is eager to develop relationships with donors to strengthen community bonds and further growth of Holy Stitch Factory Fellowship.

"Donate something, that is appreciated," stated Dash. "But the mutual connections and relationships is what I'm asking for. Because that is going to last a lifetime."

Dash is proud of the work and progress his mentorship and school produces. He reminds his customers that not only is it about unique and beautiful alterations, but it's also about changing lives.

"You have it in your closet and needs fixing? Too big, too small? Too short, too tall? Bring it," stated Dash. "And every time a stitch happens, someone is learning. It is like a classroom for somebody."

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